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A Artgilão Tavira

Artgilão - Atividades Religiosas e Turísticas, Lda, was created so as to be able to apply the revenue generated in the recovery of the religious heritage of the town.

Miguel Neto, the local parish priest, explains that the main concern of his work is the profitability of the patrimony in his charge, so that it can be preserved!

"All the merchandising on sale was created based on the design of the heritage of the churches themselves, namely their tiles, which is a strong brand, and are made by artisans, Artgilão employees, local or regional companies.



The parishes of Tavira have created a company, Artgilão - Atividades Religiosas e Turísticas, Lda. To financially explore all possibilities that may arise in this parish, in order to be able to apply the income generated in the recovery of the religious heritage of the city is the aim of this initiative


Mission and values

Artgilão Tavira intends to work on the preservation and promotion of the religious heritage in charge of the Parish of Tavira, finding creative ways to make it known and seeking that the parishioners of Tavira recognize and value this work. It wants to be an ambassador for the art of this city of faith.

The company's philosophy is focused on preserving heritage, giving particular attention to people, excellence, innovation, responsibility, integrity, passion, collaboration and quality. It seeks the promotion of local identity and of local products and artisans.

We are a dedicated team for religious heritage

We work daily to provide our visitors with the best service and welcome. We do our best to showcase the heritage of Tavira's parishes so that everyone who visits us can have an immersive experience and take with them a little of this rich religious heritage that the city has to offer.

Our team


Afonso Tomás



Carla Brito

Investigação, Acolhimento e Contabilidade 


Diogo Sousa

Investigação, Acolhimento



Fernando Sousa

Acolhimento e Contabilidade

Jordan Graça

Acolhimento e Assistência

Marta Pereira

Conservação e Restauro


Pe. Miguel Neto

Pároco e responsável pela empresa


Rogélia Jesus

Acolhimento e Assistência

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