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Our heritage in the city of Tavira includes a wide range of churches, hermitages and chapels that safeguard an important collection about different artistic periods.

Card of churches of Tavira

City of Tavira

Santa Maria do Castelo

Once a major mosque, it was founded in the 13th century after the Christian reconquest. With the 1755 earthquake, it underwent major structural changes.


Although little is known about the origins of this church, it was probably founded in the 13th century, possibly on the structures of an old building from the Muslim period.

São Paulo or Nossa Senhora da Ajuda

Former church of the Convent of the Hermits of São Paulo, which dates back to 1606, it is today a mark of the "Chã" architecture in the city. During the 18th century it underwent some alterations to the interior and exterior.

Nossa Senhora da Consolação

Its origin dates back to 1648, the consecration date of the Confraternity of Our Lady of Consolation of Prisoners. It was located outside the walls, near the Alfeição door and the old jail. It was composed of different annexes, destroyed during the 20th century. Inside, the 17th century altarpiece with details from the second half of the 18th century stand out.

Nossa Senhora da Piedade

This small religious temple was built in 1758, next to the primitive castle walls. It was probably the people who ordered the construction of this simple chapel due to their strong devotion to an image of Nossa Senhora da Piedade, located nearby. Thus, efforts were made to build this chapel, which also presents some interesting architectural and artistic details in the portal and altarpiece respectively.

Santo António dos Capuchos

Former church of the Convent of the Capuchin Franciscan Friars, dating back to 1612. Today it is an example of the austerity of the 16th century "Chã" architecture. During the second half of the 18th century it underwent some changes to the façade. It stands out for the sculptural representation in its interior of the Trânsito de Santo António.

São Brás

Nossa Senhora do Livramento

São Pedro and Calvário

Outside of Tavira

Nossa Senhora da Saúde

Santa Margarida

Nossa Senhora dos Prazeres (Capelinha)

Matriz de Santa Luzia

Church built over the primitive chapel of the 16th century, it suffered several changes over the years. In 1972 by the hand of the Algarve architect Manuel Gomes da Costa, the church acquired its present appearance. The devotion to Santa Luzia is due to the fishermen who gave it this name in honor of the Saint protector of the eyes.